My new laboratory was settled and it was named as RE*MIND: Research for Epidemiology & Multidisciplinary Integrative NeuroPsychiatric Data Science

Please remind RE*MIND


Sun Jae Jung, MD, PhD (Principal Investigator):

Sun Jae graduated Yonsei University College of Medicine for her MD at 2009 and Seoul National University Graduate School of Biomedical Science for her PhD at 2016. She is an board certified Preventive Medicine Specialist and Assistant Professor at Epidemiology at Yonsei University College of Medicine. Her major interest is managing big data, implementing causal inference in epidemiology, social psychiatric epidemiology, metabolomics, exploring biomarkers in neurology and psychiatry, cohort studies, statistical modelling, and the association between human hormonal system and mental illness.

Yu Jin Lee, BS, (3rd year Master Student)

Yu Jin studied Public Health and currently working on Community Health Study. She is focusing on examining the association between different depression subtypes and suicidal ideation, and her major research questions are from community mental health in epidemiology.

Kwang-hyun Kim, MD, (2nd year Doctoral student)

Kwang-hyun graduated Yonsei University College of Medicine and holds MD degree and works also as a resident in Dept. of Preventive Medicine. His major interest is determining social components of mental illnesses.

Ye Jin Jeon , BS, (2nd year Master Student)

Ye Jin studied Biostatistics, and currently focusing on biological psychiatric epidemiology: exploring biomarkers to predict depression, trauma, and cognitive decline. She also works as the data manager of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Etiology Research Center.

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