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Research for Epidemiology & Multidisciplinary Integrative NeuroPsychiatric Data Science

The main objective of our research is to elucidate mental health risk factors in the population through multidimensional aspects, which can lead to infer effective multilevel intervention. We use traditional epidemiologic methodology as well as emerging methods in data science.

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Funded projects

[National Research Foundation 2020-2024]: Principal Investigator Assessing the relationship between trauma, PTSD and physical health outcomes: focusing on exposure patterns, disease heterogeniety, and interaction between gene-trauma type-environment. [National Research Foundation 2018-2020]: Principal Investigator Association Between Psychological Resilience defined with various definition including Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Inflammatory Biomarkers [National Research Foundation 2019-2021]: Co-Principal InvestigatorContinue reading “Funded projects”


Sun Jae Jung, MD, MS, PhD Principal Investigator Kwang-Hyun Kim, MD Resident in Preventive Medicine/ PhD Doctoral Student Yu Jin Lee, MPH PhD Doctoral Student Ye Jin Jeon Master Student Ji Su Yang Master Student


Sun Jae Jung, MD, MS, PhD 2016. PhD of Biomedical Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine 2013. MS of Medicine (Cancer research) , Seoul National University College of Medicine 2009. MD, Yonsei University of College of Medicine 2018- pres. Assistant Professor. Yonsei University College of Medicine 2018- pres. Visiting Scientist. Harvard T.H. Chan SchoolContinue reading “Research”

Yonsei Medical Center Jonghapkwan #421, 50-1 Yonsei-ro Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea 03722


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