Funded projects

14) Development of child and adolescent mental health monitoring and early intervention system

[Ministry of Health and Welfare 2022-2027] Mental Health R&D project: Co-Principal Investigator

13) Development of mental health screening algorithm for various subjects based on COVID-19 big data analysis and evidence

[Ministry of Health and Welfare 2022-2027] Mental Health R&D project: Principal Investigator

12) Song-Am Bang Sook Research Grant

[Yonsei University College of Medicine, Dept. of Preventive Medicine]: Principal Investigator

11) COVID-19 mental health Panel research

[Ministry of Health and Welfare 2021]: Co-Principal Investigator

10) National Dementia Project- Dementia Platform Korea

[Ministry of Health and Welfare 2021-2030]: Co-Principal Investigator

9) Development of a digital therapeutics-based discharge education program for alcohol use disorder

[Ministry of Health and Welfare 2021-2024], Patient-centered medical technology optimization research project(환자중심 의료기술 최적화 연구사업 전향연구): Co-Principal Investigator

8) Assessing the relationship between trauma, PTSD and physical health outcomes: focusing on exposure patterns, disease heterogeniety, and interaction between gene-trauma type-environment

[National Research Foundation 2020-2024], 신진연구: Principal Investigator

7) Association Between Psychological Resilience defined with various definition including Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Inflammatory Biomarkers

[National Research Foundation 2018-2020], 생애첫연구: Principal Investigator

6) Cohort and Mechanism Studies of Immunosenescence-Inflammaging (CMSII)

[National Research Foundation 2019-2021], Basic Research Laboratory project (기초연구실 사업): Co-Principal Investigator

5) Community Health Survey: Kang-wha

[Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018- pres.]: Principal Investigator

4) National Health survey-Mental Health questionnaire development

[Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019- 2020]: Principal Investigator

3) Evaluating the factors associated with cognitive decline of menopausal women

[Yonsei University Je Ee Joon Grant 2018-2019]: Principal Investigator

2) Yerby postdoctoral fellowship

[Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2016-2018]: Principal Investigator

1) Psychiatric Epidemiology through Big Data Formulation and Connection: Focusing on Mood Disorder Research

[National Research Foundation 2016-2018] : Principal Investigator

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