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Dr. Jung gave a lecture at MGH, Department of Psychiatry. The title of the lecture was “How trauma engraves into our body: evidence from a large-scale epidemiology cohort from South Korea”


Our cohort CC-MHS(CMERC COVID-19 Mental Health Survey) joined IHCC(International Hundred K+ Cohort Consortium)


Dr. Jung gave a lecture at the educational university of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Psychological society


Dr. Jung gave a lecture at Harvard Population and Development Center. Her talk was about “Mental health in South Korea: Issues from epidemiological assessment”


RE*MINDers’ poster presentation at MGH Clinical Research Day 2022 (5 posters!)


RE*MINDers’ night!

Celebrating end of the semeter & Sabbatical of Dr. Jung

RE*MINDers attended Society for Epidemiologic Research 2022, Chicago, IL, USA, and presented oral and poster abstracts.


Dr. Jung won Young Investigators Award from Yonsei University College of Medicine.


Dr. Jung gave a lecture at the Korean Society of Preventive Medicine, entitled ” Body, Mind, and Society: my journey in Psychiatric Epidemiology”


Ms. Minseo Park became Master of Public Health! Congratulations, Minseo!


Dr. Jung gave a online lecture at IBM international. The talk was about mental health issues in South Korea, including women’s suicide and COVID-19.


Congratulations to Dr. Ga Bin Lee for her PhD degree. She was co-mentored by Dr. Sun Jae Jung and Dr. Hyeon Chang Kim at the Dept. of Public Health, Yonsei University


Prof. Jung was awarded “Hyungwoodang Young Researcher Award” from Korea Epidemiology Society.


Book Reading “Regresion methods in biostatistics, 2nd Ed” Completed!

06.30.2021 보건사회연구 콜로키움 발표


2021 Community Health Survey -Kangwha area, Started.


Five papers got out in a week!

Congratulations to:

Ga Bin Lee, Ji Su Yang, and Ye Jin Jeon!


RE*MINDers are currently working with Korea Demantia Research Center, Directed by Prof. Inhee Mook-Jung. Our aim is to develop Dementia Platform Korea (DPK) programs.


Dr. Youngrong Lee’s work is being presented as the representative paper of Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

Find it out on the JPMPH’s official webpage:


Prof. Sun Jae Jung gave an invited lecture at Dept. of Psychiatry, Kyunghee University Medical Center.


RE*MIND’s work on Community Health Survey in Kanghwa area was honored by president of KDCA, Dr. Jeong Eun-Kyung.

( 질병관리청장 표창, 지역사회건강조사 질평가 전국 42개 대학중 1위)


Winter Book Reading II :

“An Introduction to genetic epidemiology”



RE*MINDer’s Winter Book Reading: R and SEM


12. 11. 2020

Ye Jin Jeon, MPH won the best paper award bestowed by the president of Yonsei University.

Congratulations, Ye Jin!

10.20. 2020

Prof. Jung’s viewspoint regarding current problems of Korean quarantine principles was published in Yonsei Annals.

10.16. 2020

In the 72th Koran Society for Preventive Medicine, Prof. Jung gave two invited lectures: 1) Mediation analysis in psychiatric epidemiology, and 2) Measuring adolescent health: an example of Mental Health survey of Korean Youth.

Also, Yu Jin Lee, Young-rong Lee, and Ye Jin Jeon gave poster presentations.

09.10. 2020

Our project “Development of mental health index for national health survey” got an “Excellent” grade from Center for Disease Control and Prevention!

09.08. 2020

An article led by Ye Jin Jeon, entitled “Does serum vitamin D level affect the association between cardiovascular health and cognition? Results of the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Etiology Research Center (CMERC) study” was published in European Journal of Neurology. Congratulations, Ye Jin!

09.21. 2020

Prof. Jung was appointed as a R&D review board of National Center for Mental Health, Korea

05.01~12.31. 2020

Prof. Jung reported her work regarding COVID-19 prevention and population mental health on numerous media including Arirang TV, KBS, SBS and other news papers.

08. 31. 2020.

2020 Summer Book Reading

“Survival Analysis” by D.G. Kleinbaum and M. Klein


July, 21.2020

Prof. Jung was invited to give an on-line lecture for the Trauma Stress Work Group, Korea

08.21. 2020

RE*MIND had two MPH graduations.


Yu Jin Lee, MPH/ Ye Jin Jeon, MPH

July, 3. 2020.

Prof. Jung gave a lecture about “Depression and Cardiovascular Disease: Results in Epidemiology” in the international section of Korean Society of Heart Research.

July, 3. 2020.

A Collaborative work against COVID-19 between Epidemiology and Infectious Disease divisions at Severance Hospital, S.Korea was published, led by Dr. Yong-Woo Jeon.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung had an inverview with THE WORLD, a collaborative media network with BBC and WGBH, about mental health and epidemic in South Korea.

Recent article led by Kwanghyun was published in BMJ DRC. Congratulations, Kwanghyun!

You can read full paper at the link below :

May. 21. 2020

Prof. Sun Jae Jung gave a talk as a panel in ” COVID-19: a global health perspective” hosted by Broad Institute, Boston, USA

May. 04. 2020

Prof. Sun Jae Jung on Arirang Live, discussing about COVID-19 and quarantine strategy in S. Korea


Prof. Sun Jae Jung had an interview with media, and mentioned about the importance of mental health among the quarantines in S. Korea

Apr. 08.10.

Prof. Sun Jae Jung presented the result of “COVID-19 and mental health in general population in S. Korea” through the interview with Yonhap news.

Apr. 08.10.

A paper led and corresponded by Prof. Sun Jae Jung has been published in YMJ as a editorial. It also got the top read paper in the Dept. of Preventive Medicine in Yonsei University.

Apr. 22. 2020

The lecture given by Dr. Yunjeong Joo from Seoul National University about disabled and their mental health issues.


Making an online survey for COVID-19 and Mental Health among CMERC cohort participants.


Review of the COVID-19 outbreak and mental health by prof. Sun Jae Jung


RE*MINDers attending “COVID-19, its social impact and perspective” in Seoul National University Asia Research Center


Special lecture for RE*MINDers from prof. Chul-hyun Cho, ” Basic concepts in Psychiatry”


Special lecture for RE*MINDers from prof. Hyeran Koo, ” Network analysis”

01.01. 2020

Prof. Jung was appointed as a member of the editorial board of official journal of KIHASA.


Special lecture for RE*MINDers from prof. Chang-woo Kim, ” Understanding Cancer codes in National registry”


It was definitely the day of RE*MINDers! Kwang-Hyun Kim and Yejin Jeon won the best research award from the Yonsei Preventive Medicine.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung worked as a chair of an epidemiologic session from International Diabetes Epidemiology Group, 2019.


Our master student Yu-jin Lee passed her Master’s thesis defense successfully with high score from the committee members. Congratulations!


Movie night! Our members enjoyed the movie ” Ji-Young Kim, born in 1982″ and also enjoyed delicate food & talk.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung gave a talk in the Korean society for the sleep medicine annual conference

10.17-19, 2019

Attending Korean Society for Preventive Medicine (대한예방의학회). Kwang-Hyun Kim and Yu-Jin Lee made oral presentations and Ye-Jin Jeon made poster presentations. Congratulations for Kwang-Hyun for winning the prestigious Byuk-En Lee Sung Kwan award!


Prof. Sun Jae Jung made a talk about PTSD and trauma research in the Kwan-ak Forum for public health, Seoul National University.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung chaired a session of the Symposium of Women’s health research hosted by Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


RE*MINDer’s attended the ” Brain in the social world” held in Dept. of Sociology, Yonsei University.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung make an invited talk as the recipient of Young Investigator Award in the 5th International Symposium of the Resilience Research.


Launching Basic Research Lab research focusing on the Inflammaging, cardiovascular health, and psychological stress in collaboration with Dr. Hyeon Chang Kim (Yonsei), Dr. Eui-Chul Shin, and Dr. Youme Kim (KAIST).


Visiting Kang-wha community health center for starting 2019. Community Health Survey.

July-August, 2019

We read and learn through our “Epi Book reading club” and finished “[Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis] by A.F. Hayes

06.18-21. 2019

Attended Society for Epidemiologic Research in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Ye-Jin mae two poster presentations.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung worked as a panel for a epidemiology session in the Korean Heart Association.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung gave an invited talk in the Korean Neuropsychiatry Association.


Prof. Sun Jae Jung gave a presentation of alcohol consumption status in Community Health Survey Report, hosted by K-CDC.

Jan-Feb, 2019

Epi Book Club finished reading “Medical Statistics at a Glance, 4th Ed” by A Petrie.

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