Funded projects

14) Development of child and adolescent mental health monitoring and early intervention system [Ministry of Health and Welfare 2022-2027] Mental Health R&D project: Co-Principal Investigator 13) Development of mental health screening algorithm for various subjects based on COVID-19 big data analysis and evidence [Ministry of Health and Welfare 2022-2027] Mental Health R&D project: Principal InvestigatorContinue reading “Funded projects”


Sun Jae Jung, MD, MS, PhD Principal Investigator PhD. Biomedical Science/Epidemiology. Seoul National University MS. Medicine/Cancer biology/Epidemiology. Seoul National University MD. Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea Yu Jin Lee, MPH, PhD Post-doctoral researcher Doctoral thesis: “Symptomatology across phases of the COVID-19: Network and latent transition analyses of prolonged posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, andContinue reading “RE*MINDers”


To follow Prof. Sun Jae Jung’s news on other Media, please visit 02.10.2023 Dr. Jung gave a lecture at MGH, Department of Psychiatry. The title of the lecture was “How trauma engraves into our body: evidence from a large-scale epidemiology cohort from South Korea” 12.16.2022 Our cohort CC-MHS(CMERC COVID-19 Mental Health Survey) joined IHCC(InternationalContinue reading “NEWS”

An Introduction to Yonsei Prev.Med.

(Below are the words from the Annual Report of Yonsei Department of Preventive Medicine, written in Dec, 2018) (연세 예방의학 소식지, 신규임용교수 소개란에서.) 연세대학교 의과대학 예방의학교실 및 대학원 보건학과 선생님들께. 안녕하십니까. 2018년 새롭게 조교수로 임용된 정선재 입니다. 학생 때부터 존경하던 교수님들을 모시고, 훌륭한 동료와 학생분들과 함께할수 있어서 행복했던 한 해였고, 그 한 해가 가기 전에Continue reading “An Introduction to Yonsei Prev.Med.”

What a life as a post-doc in Harvard has taught me

(This section was written in Korean) 보스톤에 도착한지 일년 반의 시간이 흘렀다. 순수히 한국에서 학부-석사-박사를 마치고, 처음으로 해외에서 포닥을 시작하였다. 삼개월동안 독일 본 World Health Organization에서 인턴으로 일했던 것과 한달간 Johns Hopkins에서 연수했던 것을 빼면, 성인이 되어 해외에서 일 또는 공부(유학)을 하는 것이 거의 처음이었다.  나에게 주어진 기회는 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Continue reading “What a life as a post-doc in Harvard has taught me”

Cutter symposium and 166th Cutter lecture of Harvard Chan

(This post was written in Korean) 아침에 출근했더니 내가옆방아저씨라고 부르는 Research Scientist 동료가 나를 챙겨준다. 오늘 있는 강의는 Harvard School of Public Health에서 가장 권위있는 강의라고, 꼭 가야한단다. 또 강연이 끝나고 보건대 송년파티까지 함께 가자고 한다. 오후 한시반부터 다섯시까지 연이어 강의하는 빡센 스케줄인데, 연자들 목록이 후덜덜하다.  Harvard 보건대 역학과에서 주최하는 Cutter symposium & Lecture. SymposiumContinue reading “Cutter symposium and 166th Cutter lecture of Harvard Chan”

Harvard Chan Korean Student Group Lecture

I gave a lecture about my works and career in Harvard Chan. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet enthusiastic students. They paid much attention to my talk and asked excellent questions. As all of the audiences were women, we could talk about “Strategies how to survive as a women scholar in Academia.” Thanks forContinue reading “Harvard Chan Korean Student Group Lecture”