Although it’s a bit early, my boss hosted a gorgeous farewell lunch party for me.


Jake introduced my work with a great slide show.


It was such a great opportunity to work with this fabulous mentor, Dr. Karesan Koenen. Her advice was keen but very helpful. Also, she was a great supporter of all things. She became an excellent role model as a scholar in psych epi.

She suggested me to take Visiting Scientist position in Harvard Chan after I leave. We will still work together, and this is the most exciting part of my future plan.


Oh, there was a surprise present from her!

It was a chic lunch box from Kate Spade. My boss is a fashionista; no wonder why she picked this. I felt it like the present from my mother. (Korean moms always worry about meals…)


I’ve also got a sweet letter from my colleagues. I’m so proud that I’ve worked with these wonderful people.























































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Epidemiologist/Psychiatric Epidemiologist/ Preventive Medicine Specialist/ Medical Doctor

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